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Crash Course - BULGARIAN for BEGINNERS - 20% DISCOUNT!!!


ACCENT Language School is one of the leading schools, teaching Bulgarian to foreigners. We use advanced methodology, effective textbooks and work with highly qualified teachers. We are happy to announce our new course in Bulgarian for foreigners - specially developed by us CRASH COURSE, suitable for absolute beginners and allowing you to get your hands on the language. This is a course that will help you to adapt to the local environment and acquire several very important skills, necessary to succeed in Bulgaria.

During the CRASH COURSE you will

  • Learn how to read cyrilic alphabet;
  • Learn how to ask for directions;
  • Learn how to order food in a restaurant;
  • Learn how to communicate in a shop;
  • Learn how to open a bank account;
  • Learn how to exchange foreign currency to Bulgarian leva;
  • Learn how to order a taxi and how to explain where you would like to go;Learn how to co
  • ntact a person on the street and ask for any assisstance you might need;

At the end of our Crash course you will be able to cope with the daily challenges in Bulgaria, will gain significant amount of confidence, and be able to enjoy your life in our beautiful country.


And in addition, your new skills will be highly appreciated both by your family and friends and also by your Bulgarian colleagues.

This is a new course, based on our more than 15 years long experience in teaching Bulgarian to foreigners. But also, this is only the first step. After taking this course you will be able to join any other course in Bulgarian and feel comfortable in both with the pronounciation, the alphabet and the necessary level of understanding.


Our crash course runs Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18.30-20.00, and lasts for 2 weeks with a total of 8 lessons (45' each). Course venue will be Vitosha 28 boulevard. See map here (office).

Course price is 95 BGN (regular) and now PROMO price for 75 BGN.

You can check your current level of knowledge in Bulgarian here (online test) with our free online placement test.

For any additional information and/or enrollment, please contact us at:

+359 888 59 16 05 or +359 2 983 42 28

or visit our main office at Georgi Benkovski 21 Str. (map-main office)


Езикова школа АКЦЕНТ
ул. Георги Бенковски 21
София, 1000
Email: info@accentschool.net
Tel: +359 2 983 42 28
Mobile: +359 888 59 16 05
Webiste: www.acentschool.net

Езикова школа АКЦЕНТ е специализирана в чуждоезиково обучение по английски, немски, френски, испански и италиански език за всички възрасти, както и български език за чужденци. От създаването си през 2002 г. школата е разработила собствена високоефективна методика и стандарти за работа, гарантиращи качеството на езиковото обучение.